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Looking for a reliable packaging machine provider in Bangladesh for your next product line? You are on the right page. Get in touch with our experts for complete guidance over what is best to choose for your business.!


Sama Engineering is a name trusted for its unmatched manufacturing of low-cost Packaging Machines in Bangladesh that completes all your business needs. We have a vast collection of FMCG packaging machines in the main cities of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chattogram, Gazipur, Rajshahi, and Khulna Chittagong. We manufacture.

1. Candy Packaging Machines
2. Snack Processing System
3. Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine
4. Kitchen Heart - Cafe & Restaurant equipment, and
5. Filling Machines


Sama Engineering is a reliable name that reflects the premium quality manufacturer of industrial packaging machines in Bangladesh, used for the packaging and processing of multiple industrial products.


We manufacture and deliver packaging machines as a one-stop solution for your product lifecycle i.e., from processing of raw material and ingredients to finished goods and from product labelling to cartooning – we cover it all in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


We value your money & time and therefore understanding this utmost need of the FMCG industry, Sama Engineering provides a robust solution of modernized technology used with customization as per the demand which simplifies product processing, enhances the productivity rate, and reduces overhead costs, hence resulting in an increased ROI and seamless supply-demand balance.


Our USP is not just selling businesses a packaging machine that is used for a single product or line, rather our engineers alongside a team of business analysts have developed a comprehensive 1-unit packaging solution i.e., processing and packaging of multiple relatable consumable goods with single-unit packaging machine – ultimately reducing labour costs, reduced space occupancy, and very low maintenance cost. Our after-sales service and support are another relief to your pain of continuous third-party maintenance of machines, finding the original and compatible spare parts and professional one-hand engineers to fix the issues. With us, you get the same original mechanical efficiency of your packaging and processing lines without halting your production rate.


Our packaging and processing machine solutions are designed specifically for industrial needs.


The Comprehensive Packaging Machines Range of Sama Engineering Bangladesh


  • Snacks Processing Machines/Lines
  • Bakery Items Production and Processing Machines
  • Blister Packaging Machine Series
  • Tablet and Capsule Processing machines
  • Bottle, sachet and tube-filling machines
  • Mixer/ Blender and Tray Dryer
  • Capping and Induction machines
  • Product labelling machines
  • Cartoning Machines – Carton Packing Machines
  • Label printing and barcode printing machines
  • Bread packing machine
  • Automatic sachet packing machine
  • Biscuit packing machine
  • Liquid pouch packing machine
  • Powder packing machine
  • Automatic pouch packing machine
  • Milk powder packing machine
  • Salt packing machine
  • Snacks packing machine
  • Spices packing machine
  • Blister packing machine
  • Dates packing machine
  • Rice packing machine
  • Tea packing machine
  • Atta packing machine
  • Capsule packing machine
  • Chocolate packing machine
  • Fully automatic rice packing machine
  • High-speed blister packing machine
  • High-speed packing machine
  • Ketchup packing machine
  • Mini blister packing machine
  • Multihead weigher packing machine
  • Oil pouch packing machine
  • Packet packing machine
  • Potato chips packing machine
  • Sachet packing machine
  • Sugar packing machine
  • Tablet packing machine
  • Blister packaging machine
  • Coffee packaging machine
  • Powder packaging machine
  • Potato chip packaging machine
  • Cheese packaging machine
  • Filling and packaging machine
  • Candy packaging machine
  • Pharmaceutical packaging machine
  • Salt packaging machine
  • Sugar packaging machine


Check out our new or improved packaging machines in Bangladesh today. You will be able to increase output and efficiency by upgrading your packing machines and you will also be able to keep costs down if you buy wholesale. You can shop at Sama Engineering Bangladesh all year long for low prices on packing machines in Bangladesh and related products.

Whatever your packaging needs, whether you want a shrink wrapper, a vacuum sealer, or a machine to wrap loaded wooden pallets, you'll find a wide selection of packaging machines at wholesale prices in Bangladesh. We offer small-scale wrapping machines for small operations and large-scale wrapping units for larger operations. Machines of this type are suitable for warehouses, factories, and processing plants, as well as businesses supplying these sectors. The prices for packaging machine in Bangladesh is lower when you purchase direct from a global wholesaler.


Machines for the processing of food in Dhaka

Wholesale processing machines in Dhaka come in hydraulic and screw oil press types. The hydraulic oil press machine combines conventional oil extraction methods with modern technology. By rotating the pressing screw, oil materials are propelled into the pressing chamber, generating pressure and heat. Oil is produced by breaking down the oil-bearing material under pressure and heat. Screw oil presses, however, extract oil by squeezing the oil-bearing material under high pressure with a powered mechanical screw.


Sama Engineering Bangladesh is the place for you if you're looking for wholesale processing machines in Dhaka. A diverse range of oil pressers is available through the online business platform, which has partnered with wholesalers. Make your order on the platform at your convenience.


Dhaka food packaging machines for sale

Sama Engineering provides several automated, efficient, and intelligent food packaging machines in Dhaka for a variety of product packaging needs. These food packaging machines in Dhaka are equipped with intelligent options and can perform precise packaging across a range of applications. The machines are ideal for small and large-scale industries alike, offering consistent performance. In addition to being automated and efficient, food packaging machines in Dhaka are also very durable, having a long service life. Various prices are offered by trusted wholesalers and suppliers for these products.


Bangladesh's leading packaging machines supplier

A proficient and high-quality packing machine in Dhaka Bangladesh is made with strong materials such as metal and aluminium so their durability is enhanced. Packing machines in Dhaka Bangladesh are energy efficient and can help reduce energy bills as well as manual labour costs. Dhaka Bangladesh packing machines are easy to operate and have a faster packing speed thanks to smart, automated technology. 

A packaging machine supplier in Dhaka is available on our website


Suppliers and manufacturers of Bangladeshi packaging machinery

Sama Bangladesh offers the widest range of packaging machines in Bangladesh. In our role as a leading  packaging machine supplier in Bangladesh and manufacturer, we have set certain benchmarks to ensure quality is always delivered. We have established a vast client base by adhering to industry regulations and guidelines. Our quality management system is certified by ISO and MSME.